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Plejphoto has been passionate about photography since a very young age. he began his photographic journey with film and made the transition to digital as soon as he saw the potential it had to offer. He is constantly exploring and experimenting with different styles and techniques, and he’s always looking for new and exciting ways to capture the world around him.

He specialize in cityscapes, landscapes, and portraits, and his photography is heavily influenced by the cultures he has experienced living in three different countries – France, China, and the Netherlands. This has given him the unique opportunity to learn and draw inspiration from different cultures, and he believes that this influence is reflected in his style and approach to photography.

His work has been featured in magazines, advertisements, book covers, corporate publications, and movies all over the world 1.

You can check his work on his main website here.

Media licensed all over the world

1 Here is a short list of companies who used our photos or videos : Universal Pictures, Disney, Viacom, Tf1, France Inter, Metropole Television, Havas Paris, Hearst, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Allianz, HSBC, Societe Generale, Nature, Telepraph (UK) Lonely Planet, Samsung, Vodafone, Yahoo, SNCF, Airbus, Boeing, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Asiana Airlines, IBM, Apple, Audi, Rolex, GAP, Ascott Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Atour Hotel.


Plejphoto photos have been used in multiple press articles and books.

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